About Us


Evan Gobdel

Evan co-founded Woodlawn Partners nearly 15 years ago to focus on building small businesses by building their teams.  Tology was born out of the desire to create a centralized knowledge base and training resource for two Woodlawn businesses, and the snowball just kept rolling.  Evan is responsible for tailoring Tology applications to customer needs and guiding product evolution.

Mehmet Cetin

Mehmet has many years of experience in the software industry and a keen interest in AI. Applying his experience as a full-stack software developer and project manager, Mehmet is responsible for the development of Tology’s software.

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Brian Lockwood

Brian has been passionate about customer satisfaction throughout his time in motorsports coaching and in simulated vehicle production. Blending that passion with his excitement for the possible uses of AI chatbots, he now helps customers get the most out of Tology by assisting with onboarding, education, and customer service.