Marketer in a creative space


Tology is like a team of genie’s in a cupboard full of bottles for a freelancer or small marketing agency.  It allows you to:

  • Zoom in to eliminate all the frictions that get in the way of the creative process that you love
  • Zoom out to leverage your unique talents into the breadth of an entire virtual agency

How much time do you spend on actually creating work that the client values vs. doing all of the other “necessary” steps to get there: marketing yourself, pitching ideas, learning new tools, iterating, and following up?  Imagine if a tool could compress or eliminate all of that grinding so that you can just create.  What could you do with a clear head and all that free time…?

The rest of this article will guide you through some ideas to help answer that question:

  • Understanding Tology: We delve into Tology’s capabilities and why it’s a game-changer for creators
  • Hands-on Examples: We present examples of how freelancers have successfully harnessed the power of Tology to augment their marketing efforts
  • Think Bigger: We wrap up the article by encouraging you to think beyond the traditional confines of marketing and visualize how Tology can catapult your marketing career to new heights

Understanding Tology

The backbone of Tology is the ability to upload private data.  This could include information about your client and your own collection of templates and secret sauce recipes.  It’s like having a whole staff instantly trained and ready to go. 

  • Background knowledge:  
    • A secret weapon is the ability to capture audio.  How good are your notes from client intake and discovery calls?  How about making them perfect by recording them, having Tology transcribe and summarize, and then uploading them into each client’s knowledge base.  
    • Text:  This includes things like the client’s brand archetype, examples of past content, and any other relevant documentation for reference.

Tology is programmed to assimilate and learn from any uploaded documents, which makes juggling multiple clients a breeze. Imagine working for a tech startup and a traditional retail firm at the same time.  Tology allows you to capture and distill all of their relevant information and then to create personas that reflect their unique brand and the desires of their markets.  

  • Templates:  Creating blog content transitions from art to science.  You can create detailed templates and questionnaires for yourself to make sure you hit all the key parameters, and then you just swap different source material to generate content that’s unique to each client’s business and persona.  

Tools that Create Tools:  Tology’s magic goes exponential when you add created content to the knowledge base.  With this framework of saved content in your personal Tology library, generating and reshaping content into various formats like blog posts, tweets, email blasts, or any other form becomes a swift and efficient process.

Efficiency: Clone Yourself

Meet Sarah, a tenacious freelancer who unlocked the power of efficiency with Tology. Initially overwhelmed with numerous tasks, she turned to Tology and saw her productivity rise in three incredible ways: 

  • Task Automation:  Efficiency promotes creativity.  If all the inputs are in one place and all the tools are at your fingertips, your energy is channeled to the actual creativity rather than wasted in the frictions.
  • Data Management: By keeping each client’s data in one place, everything she needs to know is at her fingertips.  This is just as valuable in a the creative process of pulling multiple factors together as it is in being able to ask a simple question to refresh your memory before… or during… a client call.

“Tology has truly transformed the way I do business. It’s like suddenly having staff to take over all the stuff that I used to think was a necessary evil of living in the creative world.”

Expansion: Build a Virtual Team

Picture this: Lisa, a spirited freelancer, harnessed the power of Tology to morph into a diversified, one-woman digital agency. Automating workflows was the heart of her transformation. With Tology’s magic, she automated marketing and client onboarding processes, saving her hours of manual work. 

  • Client Onboarding: record client calls, upload background materials and use your templates saved in Tology to create documents like brand archetypes, campaign strategies, and timelines in minutes
  • Content Strategy:  With all the building blocks clearly organized, mapping out and creating organized, consistent, multi-channel campaigns almost takes care of itself.
  • Follow Up:  She brilliantly automated her follow-up processes, creating a consistent stream of idea generation that allowed her to pitch custom-tailored follow-up projects.

We get it.  Making a living as a creator is tough.  Tology helps eliminate the frictions and repetitions so that you can focus on the stuff that makes you and your clients smile.  Come check it out and see if you can surprise yourself!