two women writing on the white board

Prompt Library

Tology’s primary goal is to enhance human creativity.  The two sides of the Prompt Library reflect the Yin and Yang of this pursuit.

My Prompts

“My Prompts” allows you to save personalized prompts for different tasks.  Having all of your best tips, tricks, and templates at your fingertips lets you save time by eliminating the distraction of cut-and-pasting into keeping your energy in focused, creative flow.  The Yin-like practice of reflecting on and refining these tools brings a routine, comfort, and clarity that provides space to enhance creative output.

Public Prompts

Tology’s Public Prompts provide a connection to our community that can spark, inspire, and accelerate endless creativity.  If you ever find yourself staring at a blank page, unsure of how to create your next piece, turn to “Public Prompts.” You’ll find countless ideas and inspiration here, leveraging the Yang and collective intelligence of all users.  

Here are a few things that users have created to go way beyond a simple Q&A:

  • Personas:  create different personas to expand and challenge your thinking or go deep in refining your own voice.  One Public Prompt allows you to analyze a writer’s style across over a dozen consistent criteria
  • Comparisons:  Create a mashup, explore different ways to compare data
  • Interactions:  Expand on the basic QuizBot to craft a study guide, conversational format, or role playing scenario

Like everything in Tology, the real magical moments come when you create something you didn’t even know you were looking for… and then sharing them back with others!