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RecruiTology: the Recruiting Efficiency Revolution

Welcome to Business Executive Search Team (“BEST”), a hypothetical executive search firm whose recruiters are rapidly accelerating their search processes with Tology’s custom chatbots. They have eliminated the huge chunk of their workday that was previously consumed by tedious administrative work and redirected that time to where they add real value:

  • 30%+ Time Saving:  Transcribing interviews and automating templated reports and repetitive workflows
  • More Outreach:  Streamlined outbound emails, LinkedIn messages, and call reporting to leverage this newly-found free time
  • Efficient Decision Making: Comprehensive, consistent, and instantly accessible candidate profiles and analyses

Let’s take a closer look at how Tology empowers BEST recruiters:

Accelerating Kick-Off

Tology has become indispensable in streamlining the discovery, scoping, and kick-off stage.  BEST is now able to record client briefing calls and seamlessly integrate them with preferred templates to create comprehensive job profiles, candidate avatars, and interview scorecards.  The ability to record client briefing calls has eliminated the need for tedious note-taking and the potential loss of critical information. With Tology, every detail shared during these calls is captured and kept just a click away.

Insta-Sizzle for Job Postings

Recruiters at BEST upload data from websites to transcribed client conversations and distill what makes their client a uniquely attractive place to work.  They can then take these selling points, marry them to the job specs, and run them through their favorite template to create an engaging job posting in minutes. 

Enhancing Candidate Profiles

Recruiters can create candidate-specific chatbots by uploading audio recordings of interviews and any other text information, such as resumes, LinkedIn profiles, background check documents, and links to relevant websites. By consolidating all candidate data in one place, recruiters gain quick and easy access to vital information during the evaluation phase.  They can then compare these standardized profiles across candidates or against standardized criteria and benchmarks.

Trend Analysis and Evaluation

Using Tology, recruiters can compile candidate pools of applicants and ask conversational questions to identify trends, blind spots, and comparative strengths and weaknesses. This helps recruiters make informed decisions, ensuring they are selecting the most suitable candidates for their clients. By eliminating bias and providing objective insights, Tology supports fair and effective evaluations.

Client Call Memory Enhancement

It’s a challenge to keep facts straight and fresh after several weeks and dozens of interviews.  Tology comes to the rescue by providing a comprehensive database of interview recordings. This invaluable resource keeps memories fresh, ensuring that recruiters can confidently engage in client calls and provide accurate and up-to-date information.


Tology has revolutionized BEST’S workflows, saving recruiters time for more productive uses like relationship-building on both the client and candidate side.  Tology also keeps key information at their fingertips and empowers them to make quicker, more consistent decisions.  To experience the time-saving benefits and relationship-enhancing capabilities of Tology, you can start with some of the templates in Tology’s Public Prompt Library or reach out to us for a consultation on how Tology can instantly streamline your operations.