an artist s illustration of artificial intelligence ai this piece explores the prediction method used in large language models it was created by artist wes cockx as part of the visuali

What is Tology?

Tology allows you to create custom chatbots based on your data and parameters.  You can strictly limit a bot to the information that you provide and/or incorporate its broader knowledge base.

Narrowing: For example, a company with a secret recipe for its gourmet candy doesn’t want their bot to confuse their masterpiece with anything that you can buy in the check-out line.  

Broadening:  You can leverage the knowledge of the public LLM by shaping it or directing it to you specific information.  You can upload information about your candy and then ask it to give you ten ideas for new flavors.

Memory:  Two other valuable functions are the ability to separately save:

  • Prompt templates: keeping all your best tips, tricks, and templates at your fingertips eliminates the friction of cutting and pasting
  • Information created in interactions:  Saving information to Tology’s dataset allows you to create and manage “building blocks” of information.  When you create something stellar, you can save it into your Tology database to both enhance the bot’s broader knowledge and to layer more blocks on top of.  It’s like doing math with a calculator and a notepad (and an on-call tutor) vs. having to do it all “in your head.” 

This is just a quick summary of Tology’s basic function and features.  Our primary goal is to enhance human creativity, and the best way to create is to start playing around with it… and see how you surprise yourself with new ideas!